6 March 2013

Giant elephant killed by speeding train INSIDE nature reserve as it tries to cross track in remote north-east India.

These tragic photo shows the body of a tusker elephant who died today when he was hit by a speeding train in West Bengal.
The adult elephant was struck by a train in a forest at the Buxa Tiger Reserve, a few miles from Alipurduar in north east India.
A speeding passenger train, the Guwahati-bound Somporkkranti Express, hit the elephant while he was crossing the railway line. He died instantly.

The dead body of the Tusker elephant lies on railway track after it was struck by the speeding Guwahati-bound Somporkkranti Express
Heart-breaking sight: The dead body of the tusker elephant lies on railway track after it was struck by the speeding passenger train

The tiger reserve where the elephant was killed is inside the Buxa National Park, which runs along India's boundary with Bhutan.
This means that the tiger reserve serves as international corridor for elephants migrating between India and Bhutan, making a it a danger spot for train drivers.
Indian forest guards now have the difficult task of getting the huge animal off the tracks so that the train line can reopen.
Sadly this fatal collision was not an isolated incident.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2288559/Elephant-killed-speeding-train-crossing-railway-track-India.html#ixzz2Mjy4Zwjs

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