Biodiversity simply means variety of life from the smallest of all insects, Fairy-fly to the largest mammal, Blue Whale. The term biodiversity was coined in a Convention of Biological Diversity in 1985.

We can observe that Biodiversity exists at three different levels i.e.
  1. Genetic Diversity:- This refers to a variation in genes within a particular species. For example difference in body shape, size, height and colour of skin is because of Genetic variations in Human beings.  
    Genetic diversity
  2. Species diversity (At species level):- The difference among various species found on earth is an example of this diversity.
    Species diversity
  3.  Ecosystem level:- Different Ecosystem (aquatic & terrestrial) are formed due to different geological and environmental conditions prevailing on earth. These ecosystems are home to different types of plants & animals. Some species are found in a specific ecosystem only. 
    Ecosystem diversity
We as a human being are also part of Biodiversity, being one of the innumerable species of the life form on Earth. 
India has 2% percent of world’s total area and accounts for 8% percent of Earth’s biodiversity. Indian Land has been divided into different zones according to physio graphic and climatic conditions having similar flora and fauna.
India has ten biogeographic zones. Some species are found in only one of these and that too in specific location. Others are more widely spread.

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