ItS youR turN

Its not only money that you can donate. In near future I want to start an NGO for wildlife conservation. As a part of that I want library cum interpretation centre for IFS aspirants and wildlife lovers.
What to donate?
1.     You can donate your photos
2.     Old books
3.     Magazines
4.     CD/DVD
5.     News paper cutting
6.     Research papers in print or In CD
7.     Other accessories
8.     If you are intellectual, please donate your ideas on

Credit will be given to each and every donor once library is started. This blog is created in march-13, so you may find less traffic over here but please be the first and share this blog with your frendz and ispire them for the same.

Please Send your donations to:
Vargiya Dhaval
          Amrutnagar, Madhuram
          Annpurna temple road
Mobile: 9824822855

I earnestly appeal to individuals, trusts, corporate, and funding agencies to donate generously to help in achieving goal.
Keep Conserving,
Dhaval Vargiya....

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