A list of websites that deal with wildlife and conservation in India
Kids for Tigers
Kids for Tigers was launched by Sanctuary Asia magazine in the year 2000 as an environmental education programme for schools across India. The programme aims to bring out the vital connection between the survival of the tiger and the ecological security of the Indian subcontinent. Through 'edutainment' workshops, tiger fests, nature walks, film shows and tiger information kits, Kids for Tigers seeks to increase awareness among children about India's biodiversity and sensitize them to the fact that saving tigers and their forests will also secure our water supply and help save ourselves. The programme, in its 10th year, is being sponsored by Aircel and is an integral part of 275 schools and as many as 500,000 students in 15 cities in India.

Sanctuary Magazine
Sanctuary Asia, India's leading wildlife, conservation and environment magazine, was started by Editor Bittu Sahgal in 1981 to raise awareness among Indians of their disappearing natural heritage. The overwhelming response to the magazine led to the birth of Sanctuary Cub, a children's nature magazine, in 1984 and to The Ecologist Asia (Indian edition of The Ecologist, U.K.) a journal dedicated to the issues of the environment, development and human rights, in 1993.

WPSI: Wildlife Protection Society of India
The WILDLIFE PROTECTION SOCIETY OF INDIA (WPSI) was founded in 1994 by Belinda Wright, its Executive Director, who was an award-winning wildlife photographer and filmmaker till she took up the cause of conservation. From its inception, WPSI's main aim has been to bring a new focus to the daunting task of tackling India's growing wildlife crisis. It does this by providing support and information to government authorities to combat poaching and the  escalating illegal wildlife trade - particularly in wild tigers. It has now broadened its focus to deal with human-animal conflicts and provide support for research projects.

With a team of committed environmentalists, WPSI is one of the most respected and effective wildlife conservation organisations in India. It is a registered non-profit organisation, funded by a wide range of Indian and international donors. The Society’s Board Members include leading conservationists and business people.

WTI: Wildlife Trust of India
Another top-notch organisation that cares for India’s wildlife and wild spaces.

Conservation India
CI is a non-profit, non-commercial portal that aims to facilitate wildlife and nature conservation by providing reliable information and the tools needed to campaign effectively.We define conservation as knowledge-driven actions that lead to the effective management and recovery of wildlife. That means giving priority to meeting the ecological needs of wildlife populations in decline, and to the recovery and expansion of their habitats. CI is committed to promoting conservation strategies that are rooted in evidence.With wildlife and wild lands now reeling under unsustainable demands from all sectors – urban and rural, industrial and agricultural – there is little time left. Therefore, CI aspires to be a springboard for rational and practical conservation action, rather than a platform for theoretical debate.Website:

BNHS:Bombay Natural History Society
Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) – a membership-driven organization - has been promoting the cause of a natural India for the past 127 years since 1883. It was started by 8 Mumbai citizens, of which two were Indians. The Society's guiding principle has always been that conservation must be based on scientific research - a tradition exemplified by its former president, late Dr S├ílim Ali. Designated as a Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (SIRO) by Department of Science & Technology, Government of India

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